Mini American & Australian Shepherds


In our pursuit of perfection, we regularly have puppies to be able to have for our show program. We would love to hear from you to see how we can meet your needs, whether for your next serious show prospect, or a beloved pet, please give us a call!

Attention any/all European buyers, our puppies are commonly born with natural bob tails, many of which are still needing to be docked in order to conform to our American breed standard. If you desire a puppy born with a long tail, it is up to you to test your puppy prior to purchase, or ask for newborn photos showing the long or short tail. We are not responsible for any misunderstanding, or miscommunication. 

Our puppies come with docked tails and dewclaws removed, per our American breed standard.

Home phone 435.427.5431
Cell phone 801.427.3067

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