Mini American & Australian Shepherds

Future stars at MoonBaby

Future stars at MoonBaby

We are thrilled to have some exciting "up and comers" waiting in the wings to dazzle the dog show judges. Here at Moonbaby our goal has always been simple - to "build a better dog". Our reasoning for doing this is twofold. Yes, it's wonderful to get awards and recognition's from judges and peers that we respect and admire. This is always a fantastic experience. But more importantly, by building a better dog, we know we're giving that dog a chance to have the best possible life - free of health complications, and bred specifically to the standard. Mini American Shepherds and Australian Shepherds are herding dogs. As such, they're active, lively, alert, athletic and aware of all that's happening around them. This is why it's important for us to always place a new litters health and well being above all else. Happy, well bred, purpose driven dogs shine at home and out in the field. We believe this happiness and enthusiasm translates well into the show ring, and for that we are very grateful! CLICK HERE TO SEE SOME OF OUR FUTURE STARS!

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